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Starch Mango plant (seedling)

Starch Mango plant (seedling)

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Mangifera indica "Starch Trinidad"
This is for (1) seedling 8-10" from last year's mango season. This is the True "Starch" Mango from Trinidad- small, sweet and fibrous. This mango is more for nostalgic appeal, but it does have a nice flavor. It is polyembryonic so it grows true to seed, and usually fruits within 3-5 years. Starch Mango is not a large tree, it usually bears fruit at around 8-10' and can be kept at that height for ease of harvest.

Plant will be shipped wrapped without the pot to help with weight. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact.
Due to Agricultural restrictions,we currently do not ship to CA,TX, LA,and AZ.

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