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Sonora Mild Pepper

Sonora Mild Pepper

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You will get 250mg seeds of Sonora Mild Pepper for planting.

Sonora Mild is a pepper-hot variety of heirloom chili pepper that is perfect for adding a mild kick to your favorite dishes. This plant produces an abundance of peppers that are about 1-2 inches long and mature from green to a beautiful red color. The Sonora Mild chili pepper has a unique flavor that is sweet yet spicy, making it an excellent choice for adding flavor to any dish.

Grow your own Sonora Mild chili peppers with the following steps:

• Start seeds indoors 8-10 weeks before the last frost date.
• Plant the seeds in well-draining soil at a depth of ¼ inch.
• Place the seedlings in an area that receives full sun and keep the soil consistently moist.
• Once the plants reach a height of 12 inches, pinch off the growing tips to encourage bushier growth.
• Harvest the peppers when they are bright red and fully ripe.
• Latin Name: Capsicum annuum var. annuum
• Planting Depth: ¼ inch
• Soil Requirements: Well-draining, nutrient-rich soil
• Light Requirements: Full sun
• Mature Height: 12”-24” tall
• Spacing Between Plants: 18” apart
• Variety Type: Heirloom
• Maturity Time: 70-80 days
• Fact: The Sonora Mild chili pepper is one of the oldest varieties of chili peppers still grown today!

The Sonora Mild chili pepper is perfect for adding a mild, sweet yet spicy flavor to any dish. With its unique flavor profile and easy-to-grow nature, this heirloom variety is sure to become a favorite in your garden!

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