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Prairie Phlox Phlox Pilosa 75 Seeds for Planting

Prairie Phlox Phlox Pilosa 75 Seeds for Planting

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You will get 75 Seeds for Planting of Prairie Phlox Phlox Pilosa

Cultivate the beauty of Prairie Phlox in your garden with these seeds for planting. Prairie Phlox, known for its wide variety of flower colors ranging from white to shades of purple and pink with its fragrant blooms. Evolved to cater to butterfly visitors, this species features flat, broad petals ideal for landing and a deep tube. Often referred to as Downy Phlox due to its hairy stems and leaves, Prairie Phlox adds charm to any garden. Beware of Dame's Rocket, an invasive plant often mistaken for native Phlox; distinguishable by its four petals and alternate leaves. Please note that germination may be slow, with best results seen from fall planting outdoors. Seeds are stored under refrigeration to maintain freshness.
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