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Phlox 'Laura', 1 Gallon Pot Live Plant

Phlox 'Laura', 1 Gallon Pot Live Plant

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Phlox paniculata ‘Laura’, commonly known as Garden Phlox, is a delightful herbaceous perennial that graces gardens with its striking blooms. Here are the key features of this lovely plant:

Appearance: ‘Laura’ boasts large, pyramidal clusters of fuchsia-purple flowers adorned with starry, white centers and dark eyes. These fragrant blossoms attract hummingbirds and butterflies, making your garden a lively and colorful haven.
Blooming Period: You can enjoy the vibrant display of ‘Laura’ from mid to late summer, as it blooms for several weeks.
Height: This reliable bloomer grows up to 36 inches (90 cm) tall.
Mildew Resistance: ‘Laura’ stands out for its remarkable mildew resistance, allowing you to enjoy your garden worry-free.
Foliage: The narrow, lance-shaped leaves are a deep green, providing an elegant backdrop for the vivid flowers.
Growing Conditions:
Sunlight: ‘Laura’ prefers full sun to very light shade.
Soil: It thrives in moderately fertile, well-drained soils with medium moisture.
Air Circulation: Good air circulation is essential for this plant.
Watering: Avoid overhead watering and add summer mulch to keep the root area cool.
In summary, ‘Laura’ Phlox is a garden classic, known for its dramatic, long-blooming floral show. Its unique fuchsia-purple and white color scheme adds a refreshing touch to your landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a beginner, ‘Laura’ is a must-have for vibrant summer borders!

*Some soil may be removed and if plant is too tall, it will be cut down for shipping.

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