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Phlox divaricata, Blue Moon, Woodland Phlox

Phlox divaricata, Blue Moon, Woodland Phlox

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Phlox divaricata

Height: 8in - 12in 
Height on Delivery: 2in - 4in
Spread: 8in - 12in
Hardiness Zone: 3 - 8
Growth Habit: mounding ground cover
Flower Color: blue tones, pale or purplish
Foliage: green, subdued
Light Requirements: partial shade
Bloom Time: April - May

Water this easy-going plant around once a week or slightly more as it first gets established. Then, in years to follow, water less regularly. This plant prefers moist soil with a neutral pH and excellent drainage, but it will not keep you to a hard-and-fast schedule for watering. If there are small periods of drought, it can handle itself well. Just be sure to plant it in a shady spot or a place with dappled sunlight. Shear spent blooms, but do not take time on pruning.

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