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Orange Sedge Switch Speckled Sedge (Carex testacea)

Orange Sedge Switch Speckled Sedge (Carex testacea)

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You will get 36 seeds of Carex testacea, ORANGE SEDGE SWITCH SPECKLED SEDGE for planting.

Carex testacea Orange Sedge, Red Switch Grass, and Speckled Sedge are popular ornamental grasses known for their warm orange color and dense clump forming habit. They thrive in full sun or partial shade and are drought and salt tolerant, native to New Zealand. These grasses provide stunning color contrast and can be used in mass plantings to enhance any garden or landscaping.

Scarification: none required

Stratification: none required

Germination: Surface sow and just cover with vermiculite. Sow in temperatures of 70-75F (20-25C). Do not exclude light.

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