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Onion-Bunching Tokyo Long

Onion-Bunching Tokyo Long

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You will get 1 gram seeds of Onion-Bunching Tokyo Long for planting.

Onion-Bunching Tokyo Long – a hardy variety of onion that is sure to add flavor and texture to any dish. This onion, which belongs to the ONION-GREEN category, is known for its sweet taste and crisp texture. It has a unique shape that resembles a bunch of grapes, making it an attractive addition to salads and other dishes.

Onion-Bunching Tokyo Long is easy to grow from seed. Plant the seeds 1/2 inch deep in well-draining soil and keep them moist until germination. When the seedlings reach a height of 4 inches, thin them out so that each plant is spaced at least 6 inches apart. The plants prefer full sun for optimal growth, but they can tolerate partial shade as well.

Once established, Onion-Bunching Tokyo Long requires minimal maintenance. Water deeply once or twice a week and fertilize with a balanced fertilizer every two months. To ensure a steady supply of onions, replant new seeds every few weeks throughout the growing season.

Here are some more facts about Onion-Bunching Tokyo Long:
• Latin Name: Allium cepa
• Planting Depth: 1/2 inch
• Soil Requirements: Well-draining
• Light Requirements: Full sun or partial shade
• Maturity Date: 65–85 days
• Harvest Date: Early summer
• Height: 8–12 inches
• Width: 6–8 inches
• Pests & Diseases: Generally pest and disease resistant

Onion-Bunching Tokyo Long is an excellent choice for home gardeners who want to enjoy a flavorful onion crop throughout the summer months. With its sweet taste and crisp texture, this onion variety will quickly become a favorite in your kitchen!

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