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ONE Jaboticaba Plinia Cauliflora Brazilian Sabara Grape Seedling Plant Fruit Tree

ONE Jaboticaba Plinia Cauliflora Brazilian Sabara Grape Seedling Plant Fruit Tree

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Please do not place your order if the temperature (during the day or night) in your area is below 50℉ (10℃) or above 95℉ (35℃).

I will not be held responsible for symptoms of cold/hot weather shocked or killed plants.
Please look at your local weather forecast before placing your order.

You are purchasing one 3-5'' tall (pot height is not included) Jaboticaba (Plinia Cauliflora Sabara) Brazilian Grape Seedling Tree Starter Plant in 2.5'' square pot.

Ship bare root without pot. 

Jaboticaba is the Brazilian term for four very similar species of Plinia that produce one of the more interesting-looking tropical fruit trees in the southern half of Florida. The name of the best-known of those species, Plinia cauliflora, suggests why: It is cauliflorous, meaning that its flowers and fruits are borne directly on the woody stems and trunk of the tree. Jaboticaba is native to southeastern Brazil, as well as parts of Paraguay, Bolivia, and Argentina and, because of that southerly origin, mature specimens can tolerate periods of brief frost into the upper 20s. It was introduced to Florida just over 100 years ago, reportedly in Brevard County. It grows very slowly and, in the shallow soils of southern Florida, rarely exceeds 15 ft and 12 - 45 feet in Brazil, depending on the species. The trees are profusely branched, beginning close to the ground and slanting upward and outward so that the dense, rounded crown may attain an ultimate spread as wide as it is tall. The thin, beige to reddish bark flakes off much like that of the guava. The jaboticaba makes an attractive landscape plant.

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