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Live Plant Night Blooming Jasmine - Cestrum nocturnum

Live Plant Night Blooming Jasmine - Cestrum nocturnum

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Plant Size:
A baby plant, that is 3-8 inches tall, will arrive at your home in a 3-inch-deep pot. Then, raise your new baby to maturity under your caring, green thumb.

The Night Blooming Jasmine, or Cestrum nocturnum, is truly queen of the night with its beautiful flowers that open during the day but withhold their powerful aroma until nightfall. The Night Jasmine's blooms are often used in perfumes. The leaves will last a long time when cut and brought inside. The Night Jasmine dies back in very cold weather but comes back in spring. Can be container grown.

• Average mature height: 8 to 10 foot vine
• Light: Full to part sun
• Zone: 8b-11

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