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Jubilee Watermelon

Jubilee Watermelon

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You will get 1 gram seeds of Jubilee Watermelon for planting.

Jubilee Watermelon, a sweet and juicy treat that will tantalize your taste buds! This variety of watermelon is an old-fashioned heirloom that produces large, round fruits with bright red flesh. The rind is light green with dark green stripes, and the fruit can weigh up to 20 pounds. Jubilee Watermelon is an easy-to-grow variety that is perfect for gardeners of all levels.

Jubilee Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) is an annual vine that grows best in warm climates and requires full sun. Plant the seeds in well-draining soil approximately 1 inch deep and space them 3-4 feet apart. Once established, watermelons need consistent moisture and regular fertilization to produce the best yields.

Here are some tips for growing this delicious variety:
• Plant seeds after all danger of frost has passed.
• Provide plenty of space for the vines to spread out as they grow.
• Keep the soil evenly moist throughout the season.
• Apply a balanced fertilizer every two weeks to ensure healthy growth and bountiful harvests.
• Harvest when the rind turns light green and begins to crack at the stem end.

Jubilee Watermelons are considered one of the sweetest varieties available, with a crisp texture and deep red flesh that makes them perfect for eating fresh or adding to salads. Enjoy this delicious heirloom variety in your garden today!

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