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Japanese Minowase (Daikon) Radish

Japanese Minowase (Daikon) Radish

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You will get 1 gram seeds of Japanese Minowase (Daikon) Radish for planting.

Japanese Minowase (Daikon) Radish is an incredibly versatile vegetable that can be used in a variety of dishes. It is a type of radish that has a mild flavor and crunchy texture. The Japanese Minowase (Daikon) Radish is a great addition to salads, soups, stews, and stir-fries.

This radish is easy to grow from seed and can be harvested in as little as 30 days. The seeds should be planted in well-draining soil in full sun or partial shade. Plant the seeds 1/4 inch deep and keep the soil moist but not soggy. The Latin name for the Japanese Minowase (Daikon) Radish is Raphanus sativus var. Longipinnatus.

Here are some tips for growing Japanese Minowase (Daikon) Radish:
• Plant the seeds 1/4 inch deep in well-draining soil
• Keep the soil moist but not soggy
• Full sun or partial shade
• Harvest in 30 days
• Thin out seedlings to 4-6 inches apart
• Fertilize with nitrogen-rich fertilizer
• Mulch around plants to retain moisture
• Water deeply once a week
• Harvest when roots are 3-4 inches long
• Store in a cool, dry place
• Can be eaten raw or cooked

Japanese Minowase (Daikon) Radish is an excellent source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, and potassium. It also contains folate, magnesium, calcium, and iron. This radish has a mild flavor that pairs well with other vegetables and spices. It can be eaten raw or cooked for added flavor and nutrition. Try adding it to salads, soups, stews, or stir-fries for a nutritious boost! for planting.
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