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Ischia Fig Tree Self pollinating Hardy 15” Tall Had fully Roots With 5 " Pot

Ischia Fig Tree Self pollinating Hardy 15” Tall Had fully Roots With 5 " Pot

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You will receive a plant approximately 15 inches tall with healthy roots planted in a 5 inch pot. (Figures 1). It was grown from the mother plant in Figure 3.

The fruits of this Ischia fig tree are yellow on the outside and amber on the inside when ripe, and are sweet and delicious. What makes it special is that its yellow fruits are difficult to spot by birds and other animals. If people in your area may be bothered by animals disturbing their fruit trees, yellow figs may be the answer. Another feature of it is that it can bear fruit at a very early age. If you plant it now, even in a 3-gallon pot, it will start bearing fruit that same year. If you plant it in the ground, it can grow to 8 feet or more, but you can also keep your tree smaller, as short as 4 feet, and still get a high yield. Ischia fig trees have low soil requirements, few pests and diseases, and are easy to care for. Hardy zones 7-9.

After receiving the package, please open the bag and remove the plants as soon as possible. Water the plant with clean water and place it outside in a shady spot. Keep your plants out of direct sunlight, especially for the first few days, to allow them to acclimate. Afterwards, you can move it to a larger pot or plant it into the ground and in a sunny area.

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