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Hard Fescue Sheep Fescue (Festuca ovina var. duriuscula)

Hard Fescue Sheep Fescue (Festuca ovina var. duriuscula)

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You will get 250 seeds of Festuca ovina var. duriuscula, HARD FESCUE SHEEP FESCUE for planting.

Festuca ovina var. duriuscula, also known as Hard Fescue or Sheep Fescue, is a drought-resistant plant that grows well in shallow chalky soil. It is a robust perennial grass that flowers from May until June and is an important food source for caterpillars of several butterflies and moths. Sheep Fescue is commonly found on poor, well-drained mineral soil and acidic bogs in Scotland, and it has been introduced to North America as a drought-tolerant lawn grass.

Scarification: none required

Stratification: none required

Germination: Broadcast, drill or hydroseed. Surface sow and keep moist, mulch the seed bed

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