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Giant Imperial Delphinium (Delphinium sp 'Giant Imperial')

Giant Imperial Delphinium (Delphinium sp 'Giant Imperial')

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You will get 0 seeds of Delphinium sp 'Giant Imperial' , GIANT IMPERIAL DELPHINIUM for planting.

The Giant Imperial Delphinium is a tall and beautiful plant with colorful flowers that attract butterflies and bumble bees. However, it is toxic to humans and can cause digestive discomfort and skin irritation if ingested. While it can be harmful to cattle, the toxicity decreases in late summer, making it safe for grazing.

Scarification: Soak in water, let stand in water for 12 hours.

Stratification: cold stratify for 30 days

Germination: sow seed 1/16" deep, tamp the soil, lightly mulch the seed bed.

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