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Fresno Chile Hot Pepper

Fresno Chile Hot Pepper

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You will 250mg seeds of Fresno Chile Hot Pepper for planting.

The Fresno Chile Pepper is a spicy and flavorful pepper that is sure to add a kick of heat to any dish. This pepper belongs to the “PEPPER-HOT” category, and is known for its bright red color and smooth texture. It has a medium heat level, making it versatile enough to use in a variety of dishes.

Growing your own Fresno Chile Pepper from seed is easy and rewarding. Here’s what you need to know:

• Latin Name: Capsicum annuum
• Planting Depth: Plant seeds 1/4 inch deep in the soil.
• Soil Requirements: Prefers rich, well-draining soil with a pH of 6.0-7.0.
• Light Requirements: Plant in an area that gets at least 8 hours of direct sunlight per day.
• Water Requirements: Keep soil consistently moist but not soggy, about 1-2 inches per week.
• Temperature Requirements: Optimal temperatures range from 65-85°F (18-29°C).
• Fertilizer Requirements: Fertilize every 2 weeks during the growing season with a balanced fertilizer.
• Harvesting: Ready for harvest when peppers are bright red and firm to the touch, usually about 70-80 days after planting.
• Interesting Fact: The Fresno Chile Pepper was named after Fresno County, California, where it was first grown commercially in 1887!

With proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy the sweet heat of the Fresno Chile Pepper in your own home garden! Whether you like them raw, roasted, or cooked into your favorite recipes, you’ll love this unique pepper that packs a punch of flavor and spice.

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