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Fig Tree Mature Plant In A 1 Gal Pot Chicago Hardy

Fig Tree Mature Plant In A 1 Gal Pot Chicago Hardy

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This is a 1-2 year old plant in a 6”/1gallon pot. Don’t wait another 2 years to get fruit, you’ll have figs this spring to harvest with this older plant with an established root system.

Chicago Hardy figs are a beautiful deep purple that looks gorgeous against the deep green of the 3 lobed leaves Not only does this tree provide fruit, it is an attractive specimen tree for your yard. Its mature height and width is 15-30 feet. This fig can tolerate severe pruning. It can be grown in a container and maintained at a height of approximately 6 feet.

This Fig tree is low maintenance and disease and pest resistant. The Chicago Hardy Fig thrives in full sun and can tolerate a variety of soils as long as they are well drained. Cold, drought and heat tolerant, the Chicago Hardy Fig tree can grow in most states! You will only need one fig tree to harvest tons of fruit; the Chicago Hardy Fig is self-pollinating.

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