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Dwarf ICE CREAM Grafted MANGO Tree 3Gal Pot

Dwarf ICE CREAM Grafted MANGO Tree 3Gal Pot

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1 Dwarf ICE CREAM Grafted MANGO Tree 3Gal Pot

Ice Cream mango variety -an excellent choice for container gardening, with its compact size and fast growth rate. The description of its fiberless, rich, and creamy texture, resembling mango sorbet, makes it a unique and delightful option. The idea of growing mangoes that taste like ice cream is certainly appealing, especially when ripe and ready for harvest with its sweet and delicious flavor. It sounds like a treat for both dessert pairings and enjoying the look of an ornamental fruit tree in your yard.

Your trees are shipped directly in the whole original dirt pots they were grown in. Remember, it's crucial to unwrap and remove them from the box as soon as possible to prevent any potential damage. Avoid immediate direct sunlight to ensure their well-being. When unpacking, start from the bottom end of the box to protect the foliage.

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