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Dragon Tree Fortunes Empress Phoenix Sapphire (Paulownia fortunei)

Dragon Tree Fortunes Empress Phoenix Sapphire (Paulownia fortunei)

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You will get 82 seeds of Paulownia fortunei, DRAGON TREE FORTUNES EMPRESS PHOENIX SAPPHIRE for planting.

The Paulownia fortunei Dragon Tree, also known as Fortunes Empress Tree, is a fast-growing tree popular in China for reforestation and as an ornamental tree. Its timber is highly valued for its rot resistance and is used in the production of musical instruments and various other products. The tree is known for its ability to regenerate from its root system after harvesting and is a versatile choice for those looking to transform their landscape quickly.

Scarification: none required

Stratification: none required

Germination: surface sow and keep warm and moist

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