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Beak Grass Diarrhena Obovata 100 Seeds for Planting

Beak Grass Diarrhena Obovata 100 Seeds for Planting

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You will get 100 Seeds for Planting of Beak Grass Diarrhena Obovata

Enhance your landscape with Beak Grass seeds for planting, also known as Ovate or Obovate Beak Grain. This versatile grass serves as a valuable food source for Wild Turkeys and various forest-dwelling birds and mammals. Its distinguishing feature is the large, blunt seeds, making it easily identifiable in late summer and early fall. With shiny green blades in spring and summer transitioning to golden tan in autumn, it adds aesthetic appeal to any environment. Ideal for landscaping and ground cover in shaded areas with rich soil, Beak Grass also offers stability along stream banks and can form extensive colonies in favorable conditions.
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