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Combo Pack Cold Weather Fig Tree

Combo Pack Cold Weather Fig Tree

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Fig Tree Combo Pack Cold Weather.

1 Yellow Long Neck and 1 Fignomenal

FIGNOMENAL” is a new patented variety of fig. The discoverer says it is a sport of Hardy Chicago. A sport is a branch that shows different characteristics then the others. Apparently this branch stayed very small but had a very large amount of figs. Should be hardy down to zone 5. I would advise providing protection its first few years during winter. It is a common fig and does not require pollination.

YELLOW LONG NECK is a fantastic cold hardy variety. The figs are massive, some getting the size of a tennis ball. It’s a honey fig and they are rich and sweet. They are bright yellow with a amber interior. The tree can take cold well and good at zones 6-10. Does not require pollination.

Two trees similar to the 3rd pic. Will come with instructions and roots wrapped moist.

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