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CABERNET VOLOS Grape Vine 3 Bare Root Live Plant

CABERNET VOLOS Grape Vine 3 Bare Root Live Plant

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You will receive 3 Bare Root plants with a healthy root system.

Cabernet Volos is a variety of grape that is grown in southern Italy and is used to make dry red wines. It is a late ripening grape, meaning it takes longer to mature than other varieties. It is a moderately vigorous variety that produces large berries with thick skins. The grapes are dark blue to black in color and have a unique flavor profile, with notes of dark fruits, herbs, and spices.

Cabernet Volos is a heat-loving grape, so it does best when planted in warm climates. In cooler climates, the vines may struggle to ripen the grapes fully. The vines need full sun and regular watering. They can be planted in sandy or loamy soils and should be pruned regularly to keep the vines healthy. The vines should be planted in the late winter or early spring, when the ground is still cool and moist.

When planting Cabernet Volos vines, it is important to leave enough space between the vines for air circulation. This helps to prevent fungal diseases from developing. The vines should also be supported with stakes or trellises to keep them upright and to ensure they are not damaged by strong winds.

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