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Apple Fruit tree scion wood grafting material "Golden/Yellow Delicious"

Apple Fruit tree scion wood grafting material "Golden/Yellow Delicious"

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These are fresh cut scion wood. Each piece is about 6-10 inches long with a minimum of 3 good buds. They are between 1/8 and 1/2 inch thick.

Golden/Yellow Delicious Apple

Golden Delicious apples are a small to medium-sized varietal, averaging 5 to 8 centimeters in diameter, and have a round to conical appearance with flat, broad shoulders tapering to a wide base. The apples are slightly ribbed and have smooth, thin, and taut flesh, showcasing textured brown russet within the stem cavity. The skin has a golden-yellow to bright yellow hue, often tinged with green or covered in patches of pale pink-red blush. Prominent lenticels envelop the apple's surface, and the thin skin is easily damaged, bruised, or shriveled. Underneath the surface, the white to ivory flesh is fine-grained, aqueous, and semi-firm, with a crisp but light, soft, and tender consistency. The flesh also encases a small central core filled with tiny dark brown seeds. Golden Delicious apples are faintly aromatic and have a balanced blend of sugar and acidity, creating a mild, sweet, and tangy taste with floral, honeyed, and fruity nuances.

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