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Apple Fruit tree scion wood grafting material "Cortland"

Apple Fruit tree scion wood grafting material "Cortland"

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These are fresh cut scion wood. Each piece is about 6-10 inches long with a minimum of 3 good buds. They are between 1/8 and 1/2 inch thick.

Cortland Apple

Cortland apples are a medium to large varietal with a flattened, round to conical appearance. The apple’s skin is semi-thin, smooth, and taut, showcasing a faint sheen that becomes greasy with age. The skin also has a yellow-green base hue, covered in bright red blushing and striping. It is common to see Cortland apples with green specks and some russeting, depending on growing conditions, and the green coloring is not an indication of ripeness. Underneath the surface, the flesh is white, fine-grained, aqueous, and soft with a crisp consistency. When freshly harvested, Cortland apples will have a pleasant snap-like crunch, but the flesh will become softer with extended storage, losing its texture.

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