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Clasping Dogbane Apocynum Sibiricum 75 Seeds for Planting

Clasping Dogbane Apocynum Sibiricum 75 Seeds for Planting

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You will get 75 Seeds for Planting of Clasping Dogbane Apocynum Sibiricum

Discover the versatile Clasping Dogbane, also known as Indianhemp, with its distinctive opposing leaves and clusters of small greenish-white flowers. These seeds produce plants that may form colonies through horizontal root growth from an initial taproot. Following the flowers, long pods yield numerous silk-tufted seeds. Clasping Dogbane, prized for its strong fibers historically, offers a unique addition to your botanical collection. Note the similarities to hemp and its significance in cordage and thread production. Younger plants resemble Milkweeds, but as they mature, notable differences emerge. Hosting caterpillars of the Hemaris diffinis moth, these plants contribute to biodiversity. Dogbanes can hybridize with other Apocynum species, adding intrigue to your garden.
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