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Dogbane Apocynum Cannabinum 75 Seeds for Planting

Dogbane Apocynum Cannabinum 75 Seeds for Planting

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You will get 75 Seeds for Planting of Dogbane Apocynum Cannabinun

Elevate your garden with Dogbane seeds for planting, also known as Indianhemp. This versatile plant boasts dense heads of small greenish-white flowers. Recognized by USDA-NRCA for its significance to pollinators, Dogbane spreads through colonies via horizontal roots, exhibiting an assertive growth habit. Its long, narrow pods contain silk-tufted seeds, contributing to its resilience. With a rich history in cordage and thread production, Dogbane adds both aesthetic appeal and ecological value to any landscape. Note its distinction from Milkweeds as it matures, offering a unique botanical presence.
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