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50 SEEDS Issai Kiwi Seeds Arctic Grape Berry Superfruit Garden Plant Cold Hardy Fast Vine

50 SEEDS Issai Kiwi Seeds Arctic Grape Berry Superfruit Garden Plant Cold Hardy Fast Vine

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50 Hardy Issai Arctic Grape Kiwi Fruit Tara Vine Seeds
(Actinidia arguta) 

Edible Large Grape Size Fruit

The Self Fertile & Very Unique "Issai" Hardy Kiwi is a Very Rare Japanese Variety Prized for it's Heavy Crops of Large, Sweet and Delicious Fruit.

Native to Eastern Siberia, Japan, China, Sakhalin, Korea and Kuril Islands. It is Commercially Vultivated in Canada, United States, New Chile, Zealand and Europe. The "Issai" Kiwi Grows on a Vine & is Exceptionally Sweet with a 20% Natural Sugar Content! It also has 8X's More Vitamin C than Oranges! This Variety Thrives Almost Anywhere, Except in Extremely Wet Soil. A Very Productive Vine that Grows up to 20' Long or More, but Growth is often so Rampant that this Vine, that in it's Native Habitat, can Climb to as Much as 100' into Large Trees. The Issai Kiwi's Enormous Vine can Bear up to 100 Pounds of Fruit per Plant Annually. It will Grow Rapidly so be Sure to have a Sturdy Support System Soon after Planting. This Species of Kiwi is Very Cold Tolerant & a Very Hardy Plant, Tolerating Temperatures Down to -20°F, but in it's "Younger Spring Growth" they are "Susceptible to Frost Damage" if they are Not Covered. Optimal Growth and Fruit Production with Issai Kiwi can be achieved in Zones 3-8. Broad Deep Green Leaves 3-5" Long will emerge in Spring, with Scented Greenish-White Flowers will Bloom in June and Edible Grape-Sized Smooth-Skinned Fruits will Mature between September & October. It Tastes Similar to it's Larger-Fruited Relative, the True Kiwi, (Actinidia deliciosa), which can Not be Grown North of Zone 8 unlike these "Issai" Hardy Kiwi Vines which can Grow Great all the way to Zone 5, and has been said to be Far Sweeter than the kind we purchase in Grocery Stores. Being One of the Only Self-Pollinators, it Bears Long Fruit up to 1 1/4" Inch in Long & in Diameter. Much Needed Pollinators, such as Butterflies absolutely Love Issai Hardy Kiwi...and so will you.

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