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2pcs Red & Purple Champagne Table Grape Vine Cutting

2pcs Red & Purple Champagne Table Grape Vine Cutting

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2pcs Unrooted Cutting Red & Purple Champagne Table Grape Vine

Red Champagne grapes are a specialty produce that you won't find in regular grocery stores.

Specialty Produce strongly supports and enthusiastically endorses our local growers, farmers, ranchers and the California farming industry.

The stem of Champagne grapes is edible and can be consumed with the grapes as it is often firmly attached to the fruits. It is said the green stems are thin and indistinguishable from the grape's crisp, popping skin. Underneath the surface, the translucent red-purple to green flesh is aqueous, tender, and succulent.

Red Champagne grapes are small, have a circular shape, and a light transparent greenish to burgundy red toned outer skin.

Red Champagne grapes grow in long, tightly packed bunches, averaging 91 to 269 grams in weight, and have a cylindrical, tapered shape. Each grape within the bunch is tiny, about 0.5 to 1 centimeter in diameter, and is similar in size to a pearl or pea. The round grapes have smooth, taut, firm, thin, delicate skin, showcasing variegated hues of dark red, maroon, to red, dark burgundy.

Champagne grapes are seedless and offer a very juicy consistency, with a super sweet slight tangy flavor with melon-like undertones

The fruit's surface is also covered in a natural, powdery, blue-grey bloom that protects the grapes from moisture loss.

Champagne grapes are also a type of parthenocarpic grape, meaning they do not develop seeds.

When ripe, these red champagne grapes contain a high sugar content, creating a sweet, sugary taste combined with subtly tart and spice-filled nuances.

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