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2pcs Petit Meslier Seedless Champagne Green Grape Vine Cutting

2pcs Petit Meslier Seedless Champagne Green Grape Vine Cutting

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2pcs Unrooted cutting

Order Petit Meslier 2pcs Green Seedless Champagne Grapes and you will be glad you did! The Champagne Grape Vine grapes have the highest sugar content of any grape grown today for the fresh market. It is seedless, so you can eat the stem and all. 

Petit Meslier, a white variety, is a close relative of Chardonnay, being the result of a cross between Gouais Blanc (one of the ”parents” of Chardonnay) and Savagnin. While the grape is extremely rare, it used to be widely planted in Champagne due to its ability to retain a good deal of acidity even in the region’s warmer areas. There does seem to be some growing interest in the grape

Green Champagne grapes are a specialty produce that you won't find in regular grocery stores.

Specialty Produce strongly supports and enthusiastically endorses our local growers, farmers, ranchers and the California farming industry.

Green Champagne grapes are small, have an oblong shape and a light green outer skin. The Champagne grape is considered to be an ancient variety, being grown and dating back over two thousand years. Green Champagne grapes are seedless and offer a very juicy consistency, with a sweet flavor with melon-like undertones.

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