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20pcs Rare Ink Rose Seeds

20pcs Rare Ink Rose Seeds

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 This unique and rare variety, comprising 20pcs Non-GMO seeds, captivates with its stunning appearance. The white petals in the center are surrounded by deep ink-colored petals, creating a mysterious art painting in your garden. With easy-to-follow planting instructions, these heirloom seeds are perfect for adding a touch of enchantment to your gardening experience.

  • Stunning Visual Appeal: Rare Ink Roses feature a unique and captivating appearance with white petals surrounded by deep ink-colored petals, resembling a mysterious art painting.
  • 20pcs Non-GMO Seeds: Cultivate a garden masterpiece with a generous pack of 20 Rare Ink Rose seeds, offering ample opportunities for a mesmerizing floral display.
  • Heirloom Garden Addition: Add a touch of rarity to your garden with this Non-GMO heirloom rose variety, enhancing the charm of your outdoor space.
  • Easy Grow Instructions: Follow simple planting instructions for successful germination, ensuring a hassle-free gardening experience for all skill levels.

Seedlings: Sow seeds in suitable seedling soil, cover with a thin layer, and keep moist for optimal germination.

Light: Provide plenty of light for growth while avoiding exposure to harsh sunlight.

Temperature: Maintain a temperature conducive to germination and growth, generally between 20°C and 25°C.

Transplanting: Once seedlings have grown enough leaves, carefully transplant into larger pots or flower beds for continued maintenance.

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