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20pcs Rare Black & White Rose Seeds Non GMO

20pcs Rare Black & White Rose Seeds Non GMO

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20pcs Rare Black & White Rose Seeds, a floral symphony that embodies the essence of beauty and love. Often revered as the "queen of flowers," these roses, belonging to the genus Rosa, hold a special place for their stunning appearance and enchanting fragrance. The extraordinary blooms present a harmonious dance between the deep elegance of black and the pure innocence of white, creating a visual masterpiece that captures the imagination.

Easy Grow Instructions: Begin your gardening journey with ease by soaking seeds in warm water for several hours, ensuring optimal conditions for successful germination.

Planting Instructions:

Seedlings: Sow seeds in suitable seedling soil, cover lightly, and maintain moisture. Utilize a nursery box or seed tray for optimal humidity and temperature control during seedling growth.

Light and Temperature: Provide ample light for growth while avoiding harsh sunlight. Maintain a temperature between 20°C and 25°C conducive to germination and growth.

Transplanting: When seedlings develop enough leaves, carefully transplant them into larger pots or flower beds for continued maintenance and the blossoming of these unique and elegant roses.

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