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20 WINE GRAPE SEEDS (Vitis vinifera) Vine Tree Fast Hardy

20 WINE GRAPE SEEDS (Vitis vinifera) Vine Tree Fast Hardy

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Vitis vinifera
Edible Garden Fruit Climber Plant

Zones 6-10
Wine Grape Germination:
1) Soak seeds in water for 24 hours.
2) Use a moist paper towel with a deluded mixture of water and fungicide, wrapping the seeds inside to stay moist, not wet.
3) Place the filters or paper towels in a zip lock bag, with a few holes in it for air circulation.
4) Seeds need cold stratification so place the zip lock bag in the fridge for 90 days.
5) Use a well draining & sterile seed starting mix, and plant the seeds appx. 1/4" deep.
6) Be sure to keep the temperature above 70 degrees F. Use a heated propagator mat if necessary.
7) Patience is required, as the germination of grape seeds is erratic, and usually takes several months, even all the way up to a year so don't throw out what doesn't sprout quickly as they're still good. They just need more time.

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