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20 Pink Swamp Mallow Rose Seeds "LARGE FLOWER" Hardy Hibiscus Plant

20 Pink Swamp Mallow Rose Seeds "LARGE FLOWER" Hardy Hibiscus Plant

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20 Pink Swamp Rose Mallow Flower Seeds (Hibiscus moscheutos.)
The Swamp Rose Mallow is a Perennial Member of the Mallow Family with Huge 6-9" Wide Flowers. Cold Hardy to Zone 5, the Rose Mallow will Reach About 7 Foot Tall. This Large Wetland Plant Produces Showy, Pinkish White Petalled Flowers in Summer. The Very Large Flowers Get as Large as 6-9 Inches in Diameter. 

Zones 5-9

Rose Mallow Germination:
1) Soak seeds in warm water for 24hrs.
2) Place seeds inside of a zip lock bag filled with moist sand and place inside the fridge for 60 days to cold stratify them. Leave 1 inch of the bag open for slight air circulation. This will break the seeds dormancy and allow them to sprout when planted. 
3) Plant seeds 1/4" deep into a well draining seed starting mix. 
4) Use a heated propagator mat to keep the soil at 85 degrees F. during the day. Turning off the mat at night to decrease the temperature between 65-68 degrees will mimic their natural conditions in the wild and increase germination speed. 
5) Cover with plastic to keep humidity around 60%, and use a grow lamp to keep bright light on them, but no full sun. 
6) Expect germination within 2-3 weeks.

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