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2 Unrooted Cuttings - PLUS WILLOW WATER FOR ROOTING "Black Madeira Fig"

2 Unrooted Cuttings - PLUS WILLOW WATER FOR ROOTING "Black Madeira Fig"

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The Black Madeira fig is a dark fig with a dark red interior. It is a highly desirable and sought after fig. Black Madeira has a fruity flavor, is sugary sweet and can become very thick and syrupy the further it ripens

Packed with step by step instructions on how to root 

Willow Water is a homemade plant rooting hormone that is easily prepared and can be used to increase the strike rate (growth of roots) of cuttings that we’re trying to propagate.


  1. Take the twigs and cut them up into short pieces around 2.5cm (1″) long.
  2. Place the chopped willow twigs into a container
  3. To extract the natural plant rooting hormones, either fill the jar with boiling water to cover the twigs, just like making tea, and allow to stand overnight; or use unheated tap water and allow to soak for several days.
  4. Separate the liquid from the willow twigs by pouring through a strainer or sieve. The willow water is now ready to use for rooting cuttings.

To use willow water for propagating cuttings, pour some into a small jar, and place the cuttings in there like flowers in a vase, and leave them there to soak overnight for several hours so that they take up the plant rooting hormone. The cuttings can then be put into a propagating medium and prepared in the usual way to grow roots.

Once the fig cutting is planted, willow water can also use as natural fertilizer to water your plant. the willow will help root growth in the ground
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