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2 Mahachanok Thai Mango Tree seeds organic non GMO

2 Mahachanok Thai Mango Tree seeds organic non GMO

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You will get 2 SEEDS of Mahachanok Thai Mango

Get ready to taste the sweetest fruit from your very own indoor or outdoor Mango tree! These two Mahachanok Thai Mango Tree seeds are guaranteed to grow into fast-growing trees that feature beautiful gold and green fruits. This tree is suitable for all types of soil, including sand, loam and peat, and thrives in temperate, sub-tropical, dry and tropical climates. Experience the joy of growing your own fruit with this organic, non-GMO tree. The Mahachanok Thai Mango Tree buds during the winter, summer, fall and spring, ensuring you always have a beautiful and fruitful plant. With a neutral soil pH and a need for medium watering, this tree is perfect for both beginner and experienced gardeners alike.

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