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2 Bare Root Live Plants THOMCORD Seedless Grape Vine

2 Bare Root Live Plants THOMCORD Seedless Grape Vine

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You will receive 2 Bare Root plants with a healthy root system.

Thomcord grapes are a unique variety of grape that has been developed over the past few decades. This grape is a hybrid between Thompson Seedless and Concord grapes, making it an interesting and flavorful variety that is perfect for making jams and jellies, as well as adding a unique flavor to salads. Thomcord grapes are easy to grow and require minimal maintenance, making them a great choice for home gardeners.

When planting Thomcord grapes, it is important to select a location that gets a good amount of sunlight. The vines will need to be pruned periodically to keep them healthy and productive. The best time to prune the vines is in the late fall or early spring.

When planting Thomcord grapes, you will need to find a spot in your garden that is well-draining. Plant the vines in holes that are twice as wide and twice as deep as the root ball. Fill the holes with a mixture of soil, compost, and sand. The soil should be slightly acidic, with a pH between 5.5 and 6.5.

Water the vines thoroughly after planting, and continue to water them regularly during the growing season. A layer of mulch around the base of the vines can help retain moisture and discourage weeds.

Thomcord grapes require regular fertilization to ensure that they are getting the nutrients they need for healthy growth and fruit production. Fertilize the vines twice a year, once in the late winter and again in the early summer.

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