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2 Bare Root Live Plants ST. PEPIN Grape Vine

2 Bare Root Live Plants ST. PEPIN Grape Vine

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You will receive 2 Bare Root plants with a healthy root system.

St. Pepin grapes are a hybrid variety of grape that is beloved for its sweet flavor, crisp texture, and adaptability to many climates. This grape is a cross between two classic French varieties, Seibel and De Chaunac, and it is often found in both red and white varieties. The grape is a favorite of home winemakers and is used to make a variety of wines, from dessert wines to sparkling wines. St. Pepin grapes are also a great choice for eating fresh and adding to salads, desserts, and other recipes.

If you are interested in planting St. Pepin grapes in your own backyard, the first step is to choose a location that has full sun and well-drained soil. Be sure to select an area away from any trees, as the grapes need plenty of sunshine and air circulation. When planting your St. Pepin grapes, dig a hole that is two to three feet deep and two to three feet wide, and mix in some organic matter such as compost to the soil. Plant your St. Pepin grape vines in the hole, making sure to leave enough space between each vine to allow for growth.

When caring for your St. Pepin grape vines, be sure to prune the vines each year to encourage the growth of healthy grapes. Pruning should be done in the winter months and will help to keep the vines in shape, as well as encourage the growth of more grapes. Additionally, fertilize your vines in the springtime with a fertilizer specifically made for grapes.

Finally, harvest your grapes in the late summer or early fall, when they are ripe and sweet. Be sure to pick the grapes when they are fully ripe, as this will ensure the best flavor and texture. Once your grapes have been harvested, you can enjoy them fresh, or use them to make wine.

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