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10 Seeds Wisteria Flower

10 Seeds Wisteria Flower

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Experience the grandeur of nature's purple elegance with our pack of 10 Wisteria Flower Seeds.

Adorned with large, showy blossoms cascading in foot-long racemes resembling enormous grape-like clusters, the wisteria flowers are a sensory delight. Their sweet, intense fragrance is habit-forming, leaving an indelible mark on your garden. Vigorous and quick to grow, this wisteria variety is tirelessly floriferous, boasting three blooming cycles annually. From early summer until fall gracefully defers to winter, these wisteria flowers bring enchantment to your space. With adaptability to diverse climates and soils, especially cold-resistant, these seeds flourish in deep soil with good drainage and a sunny shelter. Witness the rapid growth and enduring beauty of these wisteria flowers, as they germinate in just 7-10 days at temperatures between 18-25 Celsius.

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