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10 seeds Jasmine Fragrant flower seeds

10 seeds Jasmine Fragrant flower seeds

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Jasmine Fragrant flower seeds 10 seeds.

The cultivation techniques of jasmine:

1. Choose suitable cultivation soil: basin soil can be used 4 pastoral soil, 4 compost soil, 2 river sand, appropriate amount to add some cake fertilizer or cooked chicken duck dung, as the base fertilizer, in order to make its drainage good, basin bottom can be more pad some drainage (such as gravel, tiles, pottery, etc.).
2. Timely change pot: When changing pot, proper pruning of root system should be carried out.
3. Water and fertilizer should be appropriate: jasmine is afraid of drought and waterlogging, so the amount of watering should be determined with the season and plant growth. From April to May, every two to three days of water flooding. Summer is the blooming period of jasmine, should be watered more, once in the morning and evening, in addition to the normal watering should be sprayed to the leaf surface and ground, reduce the temperature, improve air humidity. Watering should be controlled in autumn and winter. Because of the long flowering period, so the amount of fertilizer is also large, can be applied every half month, flower bud differentiation and flowering period should increase the application of phosphorus, potassium fertilizer, can make the fragrance of flowers, after the autumn should be less or stop fertilization, conducive to winter. Sometimes the family raised jasmine, only long leaves do not bloom, mainly caused by excessive nitrogen fertilizer, insufficient sunlight, then should apply more phosphorus, potash fertilizer, increase the illumination.

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