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1 Ultraviolet Tall Garden Phlox

1 Ultraviolet Tall Garden Phlox

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1 Ultraviolet Tall Garden Phlox (Budding)

Phlox is unequaled for its showy blooms over a long period in summer. Though it is one of the most popular perennials available, it does require some maintenance to sustain its health and vigor.

Phlox grows best in rich, moist soil in full sun. It will thrive with fertilizing every other month and consistent moisture levels. Overhead watering should be avoided since some varieties of phlox are susceptible to powdery mildew. This can be avoided or diminished by providing ample air circulation around the plants and by thinning them out periodically. Deadheading will prolong bloom time and prevent self-seeding.

Garden Style:
Cottage, Eclectic, Rain Garden
Other Features:
Border Plant, Cut Flower, Cut Foliage, Mass Planting

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