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1 LIVE PLANT Orchard apple tree seedling fruit hardy

1 LIVE PLANT Orchard apple tree seedling fruit hardy

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You are bidding on 1 seedling. Here is an apple tree seedling. These seedlings are grown from various orchard quality apples. They make a good apple for experimental use, wildlife feed or as a pollinator for existing apple that is not showing good fruit set.

Apples grown from seed show great variability when grown from seed so you don't know what type you will get. They are each genetically unique and are thus tremendous pollinators. This is one way new apples varieties are developed. They are consistent producers of various types of apples that are good for wild plantings for animals or food plot plantings. They are hardy from zone 4 to zone 9. Hardy and adaptable.

These are 12-18 inch seedlings. Some may be top pruned to fit into 26 inch mailing tubes.

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